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De Smet has been named a Tree City USA by the National Arbor Day Foundation for EIGHTEEN years in a row. Tree City USA began as a 1976 Bicentennial project to recognize US towns and cities that develop comprehensive urban forestry programs. There are thousands of Tree City communities across the US and De Smet is one of 30 in South Dakota.

To become a Tree City a community must meet the following four standards:

1. ESTABLISH A TREE BOARD A Tree Board for the City of De Smet, South Dakota was created and established by the De Smet Common Council in 1997. The board consists of four members that are residents of the City of De Smet, and one city Alderman, all appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the City Council for a term of three years. The City Park Superintendent is a non-voting member of the board, serving in an advisory capacity. The board meets at least two times during the year to plan the Arbor Day Celebration and to develop the annual Comprehensive Community Forestry Program and budget request. The current members of the De Smet City Tree Board are as follows:

Jerry Skyberg
Jodi Mackey
Delver Williams
Larry Somsen
Bret Jensen, Alderman
Cole Munger, Parks Supt.

2. ADOPT A TREE ORDINANCE The De Smet Common Council officially adopted a tree ordinance in 1997. See the City Ordinance page

3. DEVELOP A COMPREHENSIVE COMMUNITY FORESTRY PROGRAM with an annual budget of at least $2 per capita... Each year the Tree Board develops a Comprehensive Community Forestry Program and submits their budget request to the De Smet Common Council.

Each year the Tree Board develops a Comprehensive Community Forestry Program and submits their budget request to the De Smet Common Council. The program and budget request for FY2011 are as follows:2011 TREE PROJECTS

  • 2011 Arbor Day celebration for students in Grade 3
  • Print and mail the 12th annual Tree Board Newsletter
  • Replant trees as needed in the tree groves located at Wells #7 & #8 - Jodi to determine varieties and quantities
  • Plant new trees in Washington Park as needed
  • Routine tree trimming and tree removal as needed in all city parks and city streets & alleys.
  • Continue to clean and trim trees on south side of RV Memorial Park.
  • Parks Supt. Skyberg to attend SD Arborists Conference
  • Start a second tree nursery site at Well #8 for bur oak, freedom maple and other varieties as recommended by John Ball, to prepare for possible loss of a large number of ash trees from the emerald ash borer.
  • Rent a chipper from REA to make mulch when doing larger tree trimming or removal projects
  • Notify property owners regarding tree pruning and tree removal issues.
  • Gordie & Jodi to research treatment options for spruce trees on corner of Hwy 14 & 25.
  • Provide a copy of the city's tree ordinance to all residential property owners when they apply for a building permit to construct a new home.

Tree Replacement: $550
Tree Maintenance: $350
Public Education Newsletter: $400
Arbor Day Activities: $200
Workshop attendance/dues: $400
Equipment purchase/rental: $500
TOTAL 2011 BUDGET: $2,400

4. HOLD AN OFFICIAL ARBOR DAY CELEBRATION An official Arbor Day celebration is held every year and the mayor issues an Executive Proclamation proclaiming Arbor Day in the City of De Smet. The De Smet Tree Board celebrated Arbor Day with the 3rd Grade class at LIW Elementary School on Friday, April 23rd. The students watched a video on the history of the Arbor Day celebration and then helped plant a Amur Maple tree in Washington Park. Tree Board members demonstrated the correct way to plant a tree and then each student received a bareroot Black Hills Spruce tree to plant at home. The local Arbor Day Essay Contest winners - 1st Place ~ Alli Flood, De Smet, 2nd Place ~ Dalton Tolzin, Lake Preston, and 3rd Place ~ McKenzy Crow, De Smet, read their essays to the students. Each student received an Arbor Day bracelet and an ice cream treat donated by the local Dairy Queen.

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