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Welcome to De Smet, South Dakota!

The City of De Smet, SD was platted by the CN&W Railroad in 1880 and incorporated in 1883. The city operates under the Aldermanic form of government with a 7 member council, consisting of an elected Mayor and six Aldermen. Each Alderman is elected for a two-year term (Two Aldermen are elected from each of the 3 city wards).

The City Council meets in regular session at City Hall on the second Wednesday of each month (5 pm).  Special council meetings are scheduled as needed throughout the year and posted 24 hours in advance.  City Council meetings are open to the public.  If you or a group wishes to address the council, please contact City Hall in advance of the council meeting to schedule time on the meeting agenda.

City Staff

The city staff works hard to accommodate the needs of the city and its residents. Please contact us for more information or with questions regarding the city.

  • Tracey Larson, Finance Officer
  • Karen Hansen, Deputy Finance Officer
  • Jason Springer, Water & Wastewater Supt.
  • Ryan Petersen, Streets/Airport/Restricted Use Site Supt.
  • Casey Harty, Department Assistant/Airport/Restricted Use Site Supt.
  • Mark Birkel, Seasonal Buildings/Parks/Pool 
  • Kristy Hubbard, Event Center Director
  • Patty Garry, Event Center Custodian and Maintenance
  • Mary Purintun, Head Librarian
  • Jenny Todd, Assistant Librarian

City of De Smet, South Dakota
106 Calumet Avenue, PO Box 70
De Smet, SD 57231
Office: (605) 854-3731

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